Originals performed in my basement


  1. Crosby Cofod-fiddle,vocals,guitar
  2. Greg Michelsen-guitar, vocals
  3. Skye Paddock- drums, vocals



  1. Bold Life Article

  2. "Crosby Cofod, a classically trained violinist/fiddler whose “incredible” ear lets him easily switch up genres." (Bill Kopp. Bold Life Magazine. In a write up about Scott Bianchi, Asheville based songwriter).



Take a listen.


We are in the midst of forming a new trio stay tuned for videos!

February 27th @ The Ruddy Duck

March 23rd @ private event

April 13th @ Leonardtown Winery 3-6pm

May 25th @ White Oak Tavern 9-12am

May 30th @ Scorpion Brewery 6-8pm

June 1st @ Leonardtown Winery 4-7pm

June 2nd @ Duck patio gig

June 20th @ Scorpion 6-8pm

June 21st @ White Oak Tavern 9-12am

July 13 @ Herrington Harbor

July 18th @ Scorpion Brewing 6-8pm

July 26th @ White Oak Tavern 9-12am

September 21st @ Easton Farmers Market 10:30-12:30pm

For booking requests or to schedule lessons!